General terms and conditions

West Montrose


'Lead Agency' indicates the agency that has released the bid solicitation. 'Participating Agency' indicates any agency which is a member of the Grand River Cooperative Procurement Group. 'Other Public Agencies' indicates any agency which is publicly funded which is not a member of the Grand River Cooperative Procurement Group.

1. General information

The Grand River Cooperative Procurement Group (GRCPG) was formed in 1978, to act as a purchasing consortium and is not a legal entity. Its focus is to maximize value by combining requirements into cooperative contracts, realize further cost savings through reduction in administrative expenses and serve as a forum of the exchange of resources, and technical information. The program is voluntary and the members independently determine whether they will participate in each purchase. The GRCPG represents tax-supported institutions and commissions within the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and surrounding areas.

For more information about the GRCPG visit our website at

2. Vision

The GRCPG is dedicated to providing value and resources to its member agencies through innovative and progressive procurement methods, practices and techniques while adhering to federal and provincial legislation, municipal bylaws and agency policy.

3. Participants

Participation in the GRCPG is voluntary and each Agency determines for itself its participation in any contracts/ solicitations. For a list of current members of the GRCPG, visit our website at

4. Pre contract award

The Lead Agency will issue the solicitation with the specifications incorporating the needs of all the participating agencies. The inclusion of an agencies requirements in this solicitation does not bind an agency to enter into a contract with the successful bidder. Each agency will make its own individual award to the successful bidder. Each agency will make its own individual award to the successful bidder.

The Lead Agency is the main contact relating to all bidding procedures and shall make a recommendation of contract award to the participating agencies.There is no guarantee of the value or volumes of work or that any agency will participate.

5. Post contract award

Once a contract has been finalized by the Lead Agency, the successful bidder will be required to enter into separate contracts with each participating agency. Each agency, in compliance with their own policies, procedures, rules and regulation, and in accordance with the same terms and conditions as outlined in the contract, will issue a Purchase Order or Agreement. Participating agencies are responsible for their own receiving and payment process. The Lead Agency shall assist participating agencies, if requested, in resolving complaints or disputes with the vendor.

Each year of the contract, and before January 15th, the annual dollars and volume spent against this contract for the previous calendar year shall be reported, in an acceptable format, to the Lead agency. This electronic report shall include individual contracted and non-contracted items, quantities, and totals per agency and a summary of an overall total spend per Agency. Agencies may also request their own information at any time. The successful bidder may solicit the non-participating agencies of the GRCPG in order to promote participation in the contract.

If at any time during the course of the contract, other public agencies become interested in participating in this contract (under the same terms and conditions), that agency may join the contract upon the mutual agreement of the Lead Agency and the successful bidder.

6. Contract termination

Acting reasonably, and after exhausting all reasonable attempts to resolve the non-performance issue(s), any participating agency may terminate their portion of the contract in whole or in part, upon giving written notice to the vendor upon non-performance of the terms of the contract. Cancellation shall take effect on the first day after thirty (30) days written notice. The successful bidder will not be reimbursed for any anticipatory profit and/or any other costs incurred to the date of termination or thereafter.